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    In early 2015 Santuck Baptist Church began a process of praying and seeking the Lord for the vision HE had for our church. Some 60 plus people were part of a core group that led this process. After a year of praying, reading the scriptures and seeking God for direction, the following Vision Statement was adopted by the church. This Vision Statement is based out of the Great Commission (Matthew 28:19-20) given to every church and believer as a command of Christ. This vision is very exciting AND very challenging. We have been on a journey over the last couple of years implementing this vision. While it has been slow at times, God has provided and amazed us. Don't grow weary in well doing. I want to remind us of this great opportunity to serve the Lord through this great church called Santuck! Take time to read and re-commit to what God has called us to be and do for HIS Kingdom. To Him be all the praise and glory!VISION: THE BIG PICTURE We see people excited to come together to celebrate God (Glorify God). Multitudes of people being trained in discipleship (Grow as Followers of Christ). A people preparing for... Read more »
  • Jail
    When you hear the word "jail" many negative thoughts come to mind for good reason. Jails have very bad smells, questionable food, uncomfortable bunks, and poor living conditions. Jails are not on the top ten list of places you want to visit. And yet there is great need for Jesus to be proclaimed in jails.I'm sure that most inmates are guilty of some crime for which they are incarcerated. Others may truly be innocent but just in the wrong place at the wrong time. Still others may be there waiting on a court date for their verdict to be read. But one thing is for sure, they are people created by God just like you and me. God doesn't create junk. We take His creation and and mess it up with our sin nature. The Bible reminds us that ALL have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God. There is no one righteous. It is in our sin that we find the Savior.I had the awesome privilege to help baptize 14 inmates in our county jail tonight. I got to look in their eyes and witness the sincerity of their faith in front of other inmates. While some... Read more »
  • Adjust To The Umpire
    "Are you blind?' "Open your eyes ump, you are missing a great game!" You have probably heard these and many other colorful statements at baseball games. We can all see the same pitch or play and still have major disagreements. Even with video review we often still hold our positions. Our viewpoints are often directed by which team we are pulling for. We see everything in light of what is best to help our team win and all other calls are just wrong.Then the yelling begins. We try to convince a very blind and stubborn umpire that he has made a major mistake and is hurting our team. As a matter of fact, the ump is really making things unfair for our team. some fans will try informing the umpire of the real rules of the game. After all, our little all stars would never make an error or let a strike sail by without a swing. These little ones will be major league players one day so don't call them out now! Perspective is funny. Perspective ruins reality. Perspective can be blind and just plain wrong.I wish this were true only for the baseball field but it creeps into... Read more »
  • Tommy Puckett
    I will never forget his laugh! It was unique. If you knew Tommy Puckett then you know exactly what I'm talking about. He had a certain sound when he laughed that commanded your attention. Now he is walking and talking, and laughing for sure, with Jesus on the streets of gold.I had heard of Tommy for many years through the Alabama Baptist State. Board of Missions (ALSBOM). He was a dynamic and creative leader in many areas in brotherhood, RA's, and Disaster Relief. He even has a lodge named after him at Shocco Springs Conference Center for his outstanding work in Men and RA ministries. He formed what is now the Alabama Baptist Disaster Relief ministry. He has trained countless volunteers in ministry across the great state of Alabama.But I really got to know Tommy Puckett when I received a phone call from him in relation to searching for a new pastor for Santuck Baptist Church. He was chairman of the pastor search committee that did, in fact, call me to Santuck. Tommy was a pastor's friend. He knew the struggles of church life and the strains of serving in the ministry. We were able to spend a lot of... Read more »
  • Happy New Year!
    2018! Who would have thought that we are now eighteen years past the scare of 2000. So many thought the world would end or at least society as we know it today would come to a standstill. Many "predictors" made millions from writing books on how to survive the crash of time turning 2000. Computer gurus were fast at work figuring out how to keep computers up and running.Well, no major crash or event happened. Computers are still running AND we are still here! Predictions are a funny thing, really a strange profession. I have often said that I am very good at predicting the past! I'm sure you have heard the phrase, "History repeats itself." I believe it does unless you do something different. We have the opportunity to do something different in 2018. The year 2017 is past and gone. All that happened is just that, happened - past, gone. No carry-over to this this year. We have a fresh start.The Bible is full of promises not predictions. God never has nor never will "guess" at the future. His Word is true and sure. You can bank on it! His Word is not a "hope so" theology but... Read more »
  • Merry Christmas and Happy New Year
    I want to wish you and yours a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!While serving at a food distribution ministry, I asked who knew the very first Christmas song. Many replies came from "We Three Kings" to "Rudolph". I was able to share that the very first Christmas song came from the angels that filled the sky singing, "Glory to God in the highest, and peace on earth, good will to men." This was the song God had sung at the birth of Jesus! Much more than a "Happy Birthday" song for sure.The first Christmas song brought glory to God and announced His plan to bring peace on the earth. This peace is only found in Jesus Christ. While I really enjoy the songs of Christmas (and wished we sang them all year long), the greatest song is found in the Bible. We do not know the tune but we do know the words. One day we will be able to sing around God's Throne the most beautiful song ever sung. A song that only the redeemed of God can sing!I pray God has put a new song in your heart and that you will sing it all through... Read more »
  • Christmas at Santuck
    Names are very important. If you have children then you know the pressure of naming your child. They will be known by that name forever. They will write it and say it millions of times. They will hear it called out in large groups of people and spoken softly one on one.Much thought is given in considering a name. Should it be a family name? A favorite name? A funny name? Some people like their name while others can’t stand their given name. A few legally change their name.When God had made His plan to send his Son to be the savior of the world, the name He would be given was very important. The name would not only identify him but also speak to his purpose and character. God gave us his name thousands of years before Jesus was born. Isaiah 9:6 gives us five names: Wonderful, Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, and Prince of Peace.I will be preaching on the importance of these names during Christmas at Santuck. If you miss our service on December 17th, be sure and watch it through our website pray you will be encouraged this Christmas knowing that you have a Heavenly... Read more »
  • The Gospel
    Without the Gospel, the church really doesn't have any good news!The gospel is at the heart of everything the church does and says. The gospel is the only truly good news the world needs to hear. Everything springs from the gospel. The cross at the center of the gospel. The cross is the fullest expression of God's love for all mankind. Without the cross we have no hope!Has the cross truly gripped your soul? The cross is not a trinket to be worn around the neck. The cross is power of God to save the soul. The cross is not an object to display but the work of God to place our faith. When the cross grips your soul it changes everything about you. It changes why you do what you do. It changes how you see things and how you receive things. It changes our response to God from fear to faith. The cross truly changes everything! God has chosen to draw the world to Himself through those who have placed their faith in Christ. The cross is alive and powerful today through believers.Has the cross gripped your soul? The mission of our lives spring from the cross. The... Read more »
  • The Wonder of Worship
    The Gettys produced a song several years ago entitled, "Don't Let Me Lose My Wonder." The first time I heard this song I was deeply moved. The song reminds us that God is in the little things as well as the big things. When we see a spider's web it shows the wonder of God. Each and every day is filled with God's great gifts for us.We can easily loose our wonder of worship. As we gather weekly, worship can become a calendar event or just another activity of the weekend. I've even heard some remark that if they miss church on Sunday it throws their whole week off as their calendar is messed up.I believe one way to keep the wonder in worship is to keep our wonder of God. Remembering His greatness as well as our intimacy with Him each day keeps us amazed at Him. When we have a full wonderment of God, our worship is ignited!I pray that the next opportunity of worship, you will take the time and renew your wonder of God. Place your focus on Him instead of all the other things surrounding worship. Sing, lift up His name from a heart of... Read more »
  • Church Family
    Recently I had surgery that caused me to be out for a few weeks. Certainly not the way I wanted to have vacation! While the recuperation time was necessary, I had a very difficult time being out of the pulpit. I'm not one to miss very often. My church family was, and is, very understanding. They are great prayer warriors that lifted me up daily. While my procedures were not life threatening, they did knock me down for a few weeks. I called on the staff to step in and they did a tremendous job!I was reminded that being away from church can really get you down. Missing the sweet fellowship and powerful family worship experiences was depressing. I couldn't wait to return to my family of families! I know it is good to take a break from time to time for refreshment and renewal. There are times needed to re-charge the batteries. But I can't understand choosing to not be a part of a church family coming together each week to lift up the Savior and fellowship with believers. To willingly miss worship each week as a child of God is so disturbing. Have we forgotten the love of... Read more »