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Challenges arise all throughout life.

Some challenges are not too difficult, and others seem overwhelming and make focusing on daily tasks extremely arduous.


Such difficulties may arise from hurting familial relationships, struggles with anxiety or depression, a crisis, or the loss of a loved one. In such instances, it is wise to seek help by talking to someone. Everyone needs someone they can trust and who will listen and share the truth with them. Seeking help does not show weakness or giving up but demonstrates great courage, wisdom, and willingness to persevere.


As biblical counselors, we seek to provide accurate biblical counseling to address marriage, family, grief, and emotional (i.e., anxiety and depression) needs. Your hurts and struggles are very real, but you do not have to face your struggles alone. Talk to someone!


You may contact the church office for more information regarding how to set up an appointment with a biblical counselor.

(334) 567-2364


You may print the attached forms, fill them out, and then bring them to the church office.  Once the paperwork is completed, someone will then contact you to schedule a counseling appointment.